Writings from my Youth

Getting a date…even when you’re broke.

Written in 2003 more or less

Last summer a friend of mine discovered the hidden goldmine of the grocery store dumpster. Inside the dumpster was a plethora of food that was wrapped in cellophane and still completely edible. We fished this food from the dumpster and cooked it for unsuspecting women we met at the beach that summer. We called ourselves the “dumpster gourmets”. The best part of the date was always when we told our dates where we “bought” our groceries. While feeding your date food from the garbage may not appeal to you, there are plenty of ways you can go on a date without breaking your wallet.

One great place to go is Balboa Park. San Diego’s largest park boasts 11 acres as well as live theatre groups, museums and a zoo. The parks support the starving student by offering free admission to all museums on Tuesday’s. The park also hosts many local art and music events allowing them display their goods or play some music in the open air.

If the museum is too slow paced and artsy, check out the El Cajon Speedway (http://www.cajonspeedway.com/) for the cost of a movie the fastest street, pony and bomber stock cars can be watched burning rubber around a 3/8 mile track. One weekend a month the speedway also runs a demolition derby, where old American cars smash into each other until only one is left running. The speedway is quite a thrill especially if your into loud motors or have a mullet fetish.

If you don’t want to frighten your date the beach might be a good alternative. Riding bikes on the boardwalk is a guaranteed good time. There is also the Mission Café located between Pacific beach and Mission beach right on the boardwalk. The Mission is also a great place to have a cup of coffee or a smoothie and do some serious people watching. There are also some good places to eat in Pacific Beach that won’t break the wallet. If these date plans still seem to expensive you can always try your hand as a dumpster gourmet.

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