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2022 Backdoor Shootout

I got up about 5am. I had prepared my camera the night before and knew it was going to be good. Swung by Pa’ala Kai Bakery in Waialua for a sandwich and donut and headed straight to Pipeline. Solid first reef waved detonating on the reef right at daybreak. I knew it would only get better from there. I grabbed video from about 5 different spots and had fun chatting with some of the other photo/videographers and packed it up around 12pm when my battery was dead.

I debated staying around the North Shore until the evening but the swell kind of seemed like it was on the decline. I headed back into Haleiwa and checked the surf and it looked pretty fun but I didn’t shoot any video of it. Overall, the North Shore was pretty busy because of the nice weather and it being a Sunday so I just didn’t feel like dealing with it so I went home and started editing. Chieko made me some delicious seafood pasta. I have to work tomorrow I think i’ll be covering a MLK parade.

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